Architects are the pillars or the force behind the jaw-dropping structures of any building. The enormous construction projects including the skyline towers wouldn’t have been possible without the architects. The Architecture career is blooming in the current scenario. Many students of creative mind opt for Architecture as a career. While architecture is looked upon as one of the fabulous professions for the talented students, it has changed tremendously with the introduction of BIM


in the construction industry. Are you inclined towards architecture career? Well, if yes, NIBT introduced a fantastic Autodesk Certified course “BIM for Architects” wherein the students, as well as professionals, can register for it. Also, the selected candidates will receive assured International Internships too!

Hey, what are you waiting for? Just go for it…

Presently, a career in architecture is promising, rewarding and has a potential gain regarding growth. Besides the necessary parameters, there are some essential skills that are also needed for architecture career.

What NIBT gives in “BIM for Architect”? Check the real heck here

Architecture Career Course Background

NIBT is an Autodesk Partner and an Authorized Training Center (ATC).

Here at NIBT, we are striving to unfold the latest construction technology trends. With the enhanced adoption of construction technology, there seems a significant impact on project management and project delivery by increased productivity, shortening schedules and hype in return on investment.

New design and construction project management processes have integrated with the technologies like IoT(Internet of Things), BIM (Building Information Modeling), 4D scheduling, 5D (Budgeting, cash flow management) and 6D facilities and asset management.

As we all know, planning and designing of building structures are the foundational parts of the architecture. Architects need to have a mental tilt and orientation to move ahead in the architecture career.

In today’s construction arena, where the missions such as Smart Cities are already engaging in modernizing the construction process and technologies but, there seems a lot of competition to get reputed jobs. Architects are not exceptional too!  Thus, we, at NIBT aim in showcasing and hopefully teach the latest construction concepts to the Indian students. Not only NIBT gives them an opportunity in the international market, but also improve their Architecture career prospects in the local market.

For whom BIM course is designed for?

As the course name suggests, BIM for Architects is designed for:

  • The architectural students pursuing better careers
  • Professional Architects
  • Firms wishing to upgrade their skill sets in the field of Architectural Design and Engineering

This outstanding course will improve project coordination, energy analysis and simulation to improve the life cycle of the project.

PS: Applicants are not required to have knowledge of BIM as a pre-requisite to this course.

BIM is used by the architects to furnish following benefits to the clients:

  • Reduced Time & Rework
  • Accurate Estimates
  • Virtual Mockups/Visualization
  • Appropriate collaboration
  • Quantity Takeoff
  • Specifications
  • Consistency and predictable
  • Better control on project-staff
  • More profitable real-estate owner

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understanding the evolution of Construction and design management process and Technologies. As well as the current and future construction trends.
  2. Understanding key technologies such as BIM?
  3. Basic of technology applications;
  4. 3D – Architectural, Structural, Mechanical, Plumbing, Electrical, FP and other integration
  5. 4D – Integration with a schedule for improved delivery and site planning
  6. 5D – Cost integration and management.
  7. XD – Facility management, Energy Analysis, IoT controls integration.
  8. Understanding how these concepts are applied on construction projects.
  9. Understanding of BIM workflow and BIM Execution plan
  10. How to be an effective collaborator and project coordinator? Cloud based collaboration.
  11. What are different levels and level of developments (LOD) in BIM?
  12. Basic-Medium level Revit modeling skill
  13. Understanding how real project BIM meetings are run.
  14. Get exposed to International construction building terminologies and technologies.
  15. Autodesk Revit Architecture Certification.
  16. Revit MEP (Selected program)
  17. Revit Structure (Selected Programs)

The course is specially designed for enthusiastic architects who wish to excel in their career and for the students who want to fulfill their dreams in Architecture career.

So, the creative minds, what are you waiting for? Register your seat for an Autodesk Certified Course today!

Visit NIBT and explore the world of Architecture!


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