Career counseling program for study abroad students

Well, you are now on the periphery to get your engineering degree, right? What have you planned next after your degree? You might be thinking of studying abroad. Ok! Studying abroad is the best option to choose. But do you think, you are well-prepared and familiar with overseas study approach?  A big question and confusing indeed and this is the right time for you to communicate with a study abroad consultants.

The study abroad consulting is spreading roots in India. The engineering students who wish to go abroad for further studies need a grooming session, and it is advisable though. According to famous proverb “A stitch in time saves Nine,” it is absolutely a need of an hour for the engineering student to learn the fundamental things before pursuing their construction engineering careers abroad.

Studying abroad is pie in the sky for many, but unfortunately, many fail due to lack of advance knowledge & this is where one needs the guidance of overseas education consultants. The Indian engineers who opt to pursue a higher course in abroad and get internships face many difficulties and challenges.

Some of the challenges the students may face while studying abroad:

  • Linguistic problem
  • Lack of advanced knowledge
  • Unfamiliarity with cutting edge construction technology
  • Hurdles in internship opportunities
  • Lack of practical knowledge in construction

Criteria for learning advanced construction technology:

  • The hands-on experience of learning BIM is highly valuable than theoretical
  • The complete understanding of the whole BIM process and not just the tools.
  • The students should be familiar with the effective collaboration for project execution
  • Coordination is essential, it means, leadership matters the most.

Study Abroad Consultant for engineers in India

Now that you are aware of the challenges to face in abroad, you surely need a consulting session before you go abroad. Because of the vast technical differences between India and International architecture industry, the engineering students encounter many issues.

Well, we have a solution for you!

NIBT (National Institute of Building technology) plays a remarkable role in grooming the students who wish to study abroad.

NIBT is an Autodesk Partner and an Authorized Training Center (ATC).

It has been successfully supporting outsource staffing projects in the USA with 100 percent success. NIBT teaches the various combination of software with exposure on live and real-time projects including drawing study and prepares the students for better jobs and education in the USA and other western countries.

Targeted students for this course are:

The program is designed for the student with Architectural, Civil, Structural, Mechanical, and Electrical engineers. Also, the construction professionals perceiving better career opportunities in the field of construction management, real estate management, facility management, structural engineering, mechanical engineering, architectural engineering, architectural design, and similar AEC industry programs can also register.

Course backgrounds:

Construction Technology and especially BIM is changing the dynamic of the building sector, especially in the developed countries. It is rare to find a construction, engineering or architectural career or job that does not require you to have BIM knowledge. Whereas, the developing countries like India is far-behind in BIM and construction technology.

The AEC industry is one of the earlier adopters of computer aided design, development, and visualization tool. Since past 20 years, the majority of the construction sector has switched to paperless to digital. BIM(Building Information Modeling) is a significant technological development in the building arena.

BIM is a sensible 3D designing that helps architects, engineers, and other construction professionals with the concept and the tools to plan, design, manage and construct projects in a prominent way. Several software applications used with BIM for clash detection, performance monitoring, process simulation, etc. are used on the field for delivering a quality product. It is a theoretical as well as a practical learning process where you learn BIM tools, simulation software, integrated concepts and relevant theories.

Integrated International Internship Opportunities:

If you are opting for study abroad, one of your goals is to have a career abroad. Because of technical differences between India and International building construction or architectural industry, getting jobs just of educational degree is very difficult. Best options are to find internships to get exposed to the industry. We guarantee placement for a select group of students with some of our advisory companies. These seats are limited as we continue to develop our affiliation and partnership in the international community. Our goal is quality and not volume, so please work with us.

Course Learning Objective:

  1. Understanding the evolution of Construction and design management process and Technologies. Current and Future trends.
  2. Understanding key technologies such as BIM?
  3. Learn Basics of technological applications:
  4. 3D – Architectural, Structural, Mechanical, Plumbing, Electrical, FP and other integration.
  5. 4D – Integration with a schedule for improved delivery and site planning
  6. 5D – Cost integration and management.
  7. XD – Facility management, Energy Analysis, IoT controls integration.
  8. Understanding implementation in the construction project
  9. Understanding of how our real project BIM meetings are run.
  10. Get exposed to International construction building terminologies and technologies.

Join the Foundation course program in NIBT today to get your career boosted and bring-forth a charismatic career while studying abroad.

Below is an outstanding example of an Indian Student, who have faced the similar issues and challenges while studying abroad. But with proper guidance and grooming, Aditya has overcome the issues and incredibly won over it.

In the following webcast, listen to the challenging experiences and how he managed to conquer the difficulties faced in the construction industry overseas.


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