Planning to go abroad for further studies? This is all you need to get started on your journey…

After the completion of a degree course in Civil, Mechanical or Electrical, most of the students opt to study abroad programs. Studying in abroad is not as easy as you ever imagined. There are lots of issues that might be a hindrance for your dreams.

Hey, don’t think negative, be a positive dude!

In this article, we will try to suffice all your issues, questions everything regarding the study abroad programs.

List preparation

What should one prepare before the actual procedure starts? Ohh, this is a tough task, but it’s mandatory though!

Prepare the list of things you need to search, hunt, apply, and implement before the D-day. Here are some listings which you can try for:

1.Career Counseling Session

Get to know what you are enriched in and what extra knowledge you need to acquaint.

2.Top Universities For Further Studies

List out the top universities from where you want to complete the course. There are many universities, but you want to select the top one. Make the proper list, their eligibility criteria, course duration, fee structure, related entrance exams for the course.

3.Related Exams after Engineering to study abroad

You have decided to study abroad to get a different kind of academic exposure which is not entirely theoretical. For that, the first baby step is to take the important competitive exams. The exams like TOEFL, GRE, and IELTS, etc. are highly recommended.

Start the preparation, many say it’s “EASY,” but GOD knows their definition of easy; however, these exams are not as agonizing as the Board exams!

Take help of Google for the preparation, library books, etc. and schedule a test date. Well, if you are keen on taking these academic tests, make sure you prepare well for the reading session. The vocabulary, the hidden answers and the time limit (the most important part) may add extra pressure, so be prepared!

Best Wishes!

So, once the results are out, hope they are positive your next step is to seek the opinion of a renowned consultant. It will be like a grooming session to get ready for study abroad programs.

For engineers (Civil, Mechanical, Electrical), the advanced knowledge of BIM (Building Information Modeling) in the construction industry is significant in overseas. The education that we get here is pretty much basic. Thus to boost the BIM knowledge, a renowned consultant is a need of time.

From past decade, the construction industry has leaped from paper-based work to digital. BIM proves to be a technological advancement in the development arena helping the architects, engineers and other construction professionals with the concept and tools to plan, design and manage and construct the projects in an outstanding way. With the use of BIM, the clash detection, performance monitoring, process simulations have become simple than ever before and thus; BIM has gained momentum in the AEC industry worldwide.

Now, it’s a high time to reach to the study abroad consultant.

Study abroad Consultant

NIBT (National Institute of Building Technology) is one of the top consultants in India catering the deep awareness in the field of Building industry.

NIBT is an Autodesk Partner and an Authorized Training Center (ATC).

It has been successfully supporting outsource staffing projects in the USA with 100 percent success. NIBT teaches the various combination of software with exposure on live and real-time projects including drawing study and prepares the students for better jobs in the USA.

Integrated International Internship Opportunities

Well, if you are deciding to study abroad, later on, you will aim to have a career abroad as well. But because of technical differences between India and International building construction or architecture industry, getting jobs for a degree holder ‘s hard. Thus, the best option is to find internships to get exposed to the industry.  NIBT also offers assured placements for a selected group of students with some consulting companies in the USA. Let’s get started then…

 Course objective

The enhanced adoption of BIM in construction technology has impacted project management and project delivery by increasing productivity, shortening schedules, increasing ROI’s and providing higher quality. The integration of new technologies like IoT, BIM, 4D Scheduling, 5D (Budgeting, Cash Flow Management) and 6D facilities management has made the construction facile.

In the current scenario, any construction professional might find it tedious to get jobs without having the knowledge of the new trends. NIBT aims in showcasing and hopefully teaching these concepts to Indian students and blending them according to the international market.

Learning Objective

1. Understanding of the evolution of Construction and design management process and Technologies, Current and Future Trends.

2. Understanding key technologies such as BIM?

3. Learning the Basics of technological applications like;

a. 3D – Architectural, Structural, Mechanical, Plumbing, Electrical, FP and other integration

b. 4D – Integration with a schedule for improved delivery and site planning

c. 5D – Cost integration and management.

d. XD – Facility Management, Energy Analysis, IoT controls integration.

4. Understanding how these concepts are applied to construction projects.

5. Understanding how our real project BIM meetings are run.

6. Get exposed to international construction building terminologies and technologies.

Required Software’s (Provided by NIBT);

It is impossible to learn a software in the one-week program. This program is designed for overview of following software (we will provide student copy of software during class teaching only);

  1. Autodesk Revit and Navisworks
  2. Bluebeam
  3. Sketchup
  4. Virtual and Augmented Reality Mockups

So, now that you have found a top Consultant in India to groom you according to the international construction market, join the course and get ready for the best future ahead with the help of study abroad programs!


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