“We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us,” a thought famously quoted by Sir Winston Churchill applies correctly to the professional Architects.

How do we identify our metropolises? Usually, we love watching the skylines beautifully outlined by the skyscrapers and towers, which is a signature visualization of our megacities. At first sight of any construction marvel, the first thought that strikes our mindset is ‘Who must have anticipated this feat.’ And, this is where the ability & credibility of an Architect comes into the picture. Architecture career is one of the most sought after a profession that has gained enormous popularity amongst youngsters.

Let’s walk through the secrets behind ‘how to become an architect‘ & some of the major characteristics and personality traits that established Architects must have.

Creativity is Paramount

Ever imagined how the ‘Picassos’ & ‘Michelangelo’s’ exquisitely portrayed their imagination, well these people possessed a unique attribute called ‘creativity.’  Only virtuous inherit this characteristic and master the art of realizing their imaginations. Aspirants wishing to pursue careers in architecture must have a creative bent of mind. Creativity is an important milestone in the architect career path. Integration of creativity with logical reasoning & Cardinals of Architecture eliminates chances of any potential glitches. Architecture is both a Science as well as Art, and professional architects must envisage the outcome of any structural design in a realistic perspective.

Stick to Basics

Conventional methods of sketching simply involve the use of paper & pencil, and it has been the most naturalistic representation of human imagination. Architects who wish to excel in their profession must begin with the Orthodox practices. Modern technology has enabled architects to tap expedient tools for illustrating designs. However, human imagination is supreme and surpasses technical resources for portraying ideas & imagination.  Architects must consider technology as an aiding instrument and not the pivotal source of architectural designs. Nowadays, deployment of technical tools has become inevitable for designers & modelers. However, it is wise to prepare a basic layout for referential purpose before beginning with advanced technology.

Frank Lloyd Wright designed an architectural marvel in 1935 that overshadows computer generated building plans. He simply used normal sketching technique inculcated with inspiration from a natural resource like a waterfall to create the most wonderful dwelling place called Kauffman Residence in SouthWestern Pennsylvania. Architects have to make a remarkable presence in the fraternity to be acknowledged as Industry Leaders, and this feat isn’t possible without learning the basics of designing.

An Impressive Portfolio

An architect can’t stay ahead in his or her professional career without an impressive portfolio that describes qualification, accolades, and accomplishments. Architects shouldn’t only project their professional skills, but they must also highlight their passions regarding other art forms.  Normally creative beings relish beautiful landscapes & picturesque sights to derive inspiration from nature. A portfolio must convey the essence of artistry, and hence it becomes imperative to catalog epitome of self-imagination. The inclusion of best designs in a progressive series attracts the attention of many and projects a positive image of the architect. Portfolios need to have a proper detailing of eminent projects, assigned duties, publications, technical illustrations, theoretical projects along with a befitting CV.

Excellent Communication

The most desirable quality for any professional would be great communication & listening skill because it’s the medium for exchanging thoughts & ideas. Highly skilled architect with stunning creativity may find it difficult to convey his/her ideas to the peers or clients because of average or poor communication skills. Great Architects have demonstrated exceptionally brilliant communication skills to elaborate concepts & provide suggestions. Good communication need not necessarily be vocal, but an architect must be aptly proficient in composing literary work. Famous publications authored by eminent architects have been the source of inspiration as well as information for many youngsters aspiring to become architects.

Problem Solving Attitude

Architect’s job is to visualize imaginations and provide optimum solutions, however, at times the job requires commendable flexibility & adaptability. Proficient architects are open minded and duly acknowledge pertinent suggestions and vital inputs. There may be times when a situation of conflict may arise over a certain issue, but professionals choose a path of resolution rather than revolution. ‘There is always a way out,’ and this has to be the attitude for an architect because designing complex structures is an uphill task and needs sheer patience. Reworks & endless trials pave the way for success, and architects must strive hard to meet expectations as well as deadlines.

It would be sensible to convey that architects who wish to stay ahead in their respective careers must have all the qualities mentioned above along with proactive career planning. Reputed architectural firms employ talented architects awarding lucrative packages with an assurance of consistent career growth. However, few ambitious architects dream differently opting to start a consultancy or designing firm and strive to make an outstanding portfolio to excel in their careers.


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