Are you a Civil Engineer? Ok, so you must be searching for the related jobs in this field, right? In the current scenario, there are enormous jobs opportunities for the civil engineers. A civil engineering degree prepares the student for the work in the construction industry. Also, there are ample of jobs in business, management and financial sectors for the civil engineers to look into.
In this article, you will get know various job opportunities for civil engineers, have a stroll!
Job Options

The job options for the civil engineers include:


1. Building Control Surveyor

If you are interested in buildings and construction, Building Control Surveyor would be a right choice for you.
The primary task for a building control surveyor is to check the building regulations and other legislation when the house, office and other buildings are designed and constructed and also during the renovation.
Responsibilities for the Building Control Surveyor
• Analyze the construction plans, drawings, specifications and other documents submitted for approval.
• Inspect buildings against regulations for public health, fire safety, energy conservation, and sustainability.
• Carry out routine building investigations and construction methods while works are being completed or in progress.
• Issues the completion certificate when the work is being completed satisfactorily.
• Keep the proper records of the site visit and write reports.

2. Consulting Civil Engineer

Do you have an interest in design and construction? Great! Well, it is important in the field of civil engineering.
The civil engineers are highly involved with the design, development, and construction of high-range projects. The engineer plays a core role in this scenario to ensure the safe, timely and well-resourced completion of projects.
Responsibilities to handle as a consulting civil engineer
• Commence technical and feasibility studies and site investigations.
• Aims in developing detailed designs
• Supervising in tendering procedures and proposals
• Manage budgets and other project resources including the junior staffs
• Review and approve project drawings

3. Design Engineer

Does the designing part lure you? So, Design Engineer would be an absolute option to select as one of the best job opportunities for civil engineers.
Being a design engineer, there is a lot of use of technical knowledge, mathematical and design skills to create ingenious solutions to the problems across the diverse range of industries. In abroad, there is a high demand for the design engineers.
The design engineer will involve in the initial concept, design, development, and management of projects. Also, you will need strong technical knowledge as well as problem-solving skills, communication and leadership management skills for smooth completion of work.
Responsibilities for Design Engineer
• Communicate with the clients to identify their requirements
• Make use of CAD, CAM systems to design and visualize projects
• Undertake complex calculations
• Tackle model making, prototyping, and product testing
• Identify new systems and processes to boost the quality, efficiency and save costs

4. Site Engineer

Does working on actual construction site attract you? So, you can be a site engineer
Site engineers accomplish a technical, organizational and supervisory role on the construction projects as well as help in setting out and determine the location of underground infrastructural installations involved in building operations.
Check the job responsibilities for the site engineers:
• Act as the main technical adviser on a construction site
• Reviewing construction plans and drawings for accuracy of calculations
• Inspecting the selection and requisition of materials and plant
• Managing and monitoring the contract design documents supplied by the client
• Day-to-day management of the job-site, includes supervising and monitoring the site workforce and the work of sub-contractors

5. Contracting Civil Engineers

Contracting civil engineers turn the consulting civil engineer’s plans into reality. They manage the actual construction on the ground and work in combination with the consulting engineers.

Responsibilities for contracting civil engineers include:

• Discuss the modifications with the architects and consulting engineers
• Supervise the construction, schedule work and provide appropriate plans for construction
• Complete monitoring of the provision of materials
• Find the proper solutions to overcome the unexpected construction difficulties
• Schedule and adjust each stage of the project to meet the target and delivery time

So far you are well-versed with the job opportunities for civil engineers in abroad. But do you think, the knowledge of BIM technology provided in India is deep and informative?
Indeed NO! The huge technical difference between India and International architecture industry is a hindrance for getting jobs abroad. Thus, there is a need for a study abroad consultant to educate you according to the international standards.
Well, we have a solution for that too!
Study Abroad Consultant In India
In India, NIBT (National Institute of Building Technology) plays a significant role in providing the counseling sessions for the students who wish to study abroad.
NIBT is an Autodesk Partner and an Authorized Training Center (ATC).
It has been successfully supporting outsource staffing projects in the USA with 100 percent success. NIBT teaches the various combination of software with exposure on live and real-time projects including drawing study and prepares the students for better jobs and education in the USA and other western countries.
Give a chance to boost your career graph, Join NIBT for the best future ahead and get placed in the renowned construction companies in abroad.


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